Your Protein Needs Sorted, On-the-Go!

Your Protein Needs Sorted, On-the-Go!

Aug 25, 2023Prolicious | Protein & Delicious!

Is protein just for gym bros? The pro athletes? The elite runners? 

No, no, and no. It is crucial for us all, active, or sedentary. In addition to being the ‘building block’ of our bodies, protein is a superior macronutrient. Why, you ask. 


Why is Protein so important?


That’s because protein aids daily wear and tear and is the slowest-digesting macronutrient. It helps eliminate cravings by keeping you fuller for longer, stabilizing blood sugar, and more. Consuming protein-centered meals is far easier than protein-rich snacks. The biscuits, chips, ‘diet’ farsaan are full of carbohydrates and refined fats, with barely any protein. This is the primary reason most fall off track in their fitness journeys.  

Sure, there are high protein snacks in the market. But the common denominator is, they are all sweet. The savory options are not just limited, but also loaded with artificial ingredients like preservatives, colors, flavors, and other additives that can wreak havoc on your internal health.  


Why Prolicious Thins?


Enter- Prolicious Thins! The best high protein snack one could ask for. Our range of Thins offers eight flavor variants. These include Peri Peri, Methi, Masala, Masala Noodle, Garlic Bread, Chorafali, Pani Puri, and Schezwan. In addition to being a true delight for your taste buds, these high protein Thins are light and crispy too! 


Moreover, Prolicious Thins are made with natural, nutrient-dense ingredients that we see in our home kitchens regularly. Whole wheat, peanut, chickpea, mung are some of our key ingredients.  There is also a gluten-free range of Thins that is made with flours that are naturally protein rich.  


Prolicious Thins Ingredients


If these aspects don’t have you already drooling, there’s more. Prolicious Thins are sealed in vacuum packs which makes them ideal as protein-rich food on-the-go. Additionally, this zip lock packing retains freshness, as compared to non-resealable packaging. Coming to the nutritional side of things, Prolicious Thins hold two 25-gram servings which give 10-12 grams of high-quality plant-based proteins. Moreover, Prolicious uses good-for-you ingredients. 


benefits of prolicious thins



So if you’re someone who’s looking for better, high protein snack and food on-the-go, Thins are a must-try. They’ve got flavor, they’ve got protein, and they are convenient to carry with you to work, the gym, class, truly anywhere.  

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