High Protein Pancake Mix


2X Protein of Regular Pancakes

17g Protein per Serving (3 Pancakes*)                                                               

Start your day with tasty & healthy Prolicious High Protein Pancake. Now get double the protein of regular pancake. Made in just 15 mins. Top it up with your favorite fruits or with Maple / Chocolate Syrup. To make 3 Pancakes, *Just mix 83g of premix with 125 ml water.


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About Prolicious Pancake Mix

  • An easy way of preparing American-style perfect delicious and healthy pancakes.  
  • Make Sunday breakfast more special for you and your loved ones with tasty and healthy Prolicious Pancakes. Just Mix, Pour, and Enjoy with your favorite toppings.  
  • Just add some water to the mixture and get ready to taste some scrumptious, tasty, fluffy pancakes. 
  •  Pair it with Maple or Chocolate syrup of your choice. This exciting new pancake mix is undoubtedly bound to bring a smile on anyone’s face. 
  •  Bring extra joy to your family time by whisking up some Prolicious High Protein Pancakes!
  • Prolicious Pancake Mix comes in a ziplock standup pouch making it convenient for storing.


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