Masala Thins (Pack of 3)


We use a whole-wheat base with flavorful Indian spices mixed into the dough. The Masala Thins goes great with some homemade dahi to cool things down or spicy chutney on top for the brave hearted.

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All our Thins are roasted for the perfect crispy and crunchy texture. They’re also extremely healthy and have 2x the protein. They are also preservative free and high in fiber.

A flavorful mix of Indian spices are added to whole wheat base to amplify your taste buds. One of our hot sellers, helps to spice up your boring meals. Can be had with curd to cool down things a bit.

No of Packs: 3

Weight: 50g X3

Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Peanut Flour, Rice Bran Oil, Chickpea Flour, Red Chilli Powder, Iodized Salt, Jeera, Ajwain, Sesame Seeds, Turmeric Powder.

Packaging: Our Thins are vacuum sealed to ensure freshness for longer period of time. To maintain the crispiness once opened, store in airtight containers. It also comes with a ziplocked feature for convenient snacking.


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