Protein Crackers: Perfect choice for pre & post workout

Protein is one of the body’s essential nutrients that is responsible for body composition, providing energy, and maintaining metabolism. The lack of protein in one’s body can lead to muscle cramping, soreness, and weakness. However, we rarely pay attention to protein intake daily. Even the reports suggest that we spend less than one-third of our budget on protein-rich foods. We need to understand that good quality and quantity of protein are essential for better development and have lifelong implications.

A good source of Protein has the following benefits:

Helps in weight loss: Protein helps keep you fuller for longer, thereby reducing your appetite and boosting your metabolic rate, allowing your calories to burn faster.

Increases your strength and muscle mass: Protein helps build a muscular body and boosts power in your body. Lowers down the risk for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

Benefits of Protein

How to Increase the Protein Intake:

Both animal-derived protein and plant-based alternatives are considered good sources of Protein. However, if you are someone who is trying to consume less meat or already a vegetarian or vegan, you need to find plant-based proteins that can fulfill your daily nutritional needs. 

It’s also essential to cut down on animal-based proteins due to rising environmental concerns, cruelty involved, and various health issues. Plant-based proteins tend to be low in saturated fat, high in protein, rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 

All things considered, including a mixed variety of high protein vegan diets in our day-to-day life is now not an issue of concern. Peanuts, Beans, Lentils, Soy, Lupin beans, whole grains such as oats, brown rice, and flax seeds are all considered good sources of Protein. Many companies are on the rise in the plant-based protein segment. 

Prolicious is one such company that focuses on fulfilling an individual’s daily requirements through its products. Together with the nutritionists and food technologists, they have developed intelligent products that are vegan and make high-protein diets worry-free.

Protein Crackers Flavor

High Protein snacking strategy

Protein helps you stay fuller for longer, and you must make better food choices during your snack time. Healthy snacks rich in Protein provide you with much-needed energy between meals, helps in decreasing your appetite, and prevent overeating throughout the day.  

Prolicious snacks make it easy for you to stock your bags with foods that can be consumed on the go and won’t fill you with any regret. With the Prolicious protein crackers, you are sure to beat the temptations of candy bars and keep yourself fit and active throughout the day. It is undoubtedly a perfect choice for your snacks. 

The Protein Crackers by Prolicious are made using Dal flour of different varieties such as Besan, Urad, Mung. Along with it, peanut flour and Palmolein oil are used to provide an enriching experience, while salt and spices are added to deliver a savory finish. The product comes in three different flavors depending on the kind of seasoning used. The products are rich in protein and contain high amounts of fiber, and are trans-fat-free. 

A single serving of 50g includes a whopping 15 grams of protein to keep your body solid and complete with all the essential nutrients. Every serving that you munch on yields 25% of your daily protein intake. 

You don’t want to sabotage your healthy diet meals just because of snack cravings. It’s time to go and try out these healthy, delicious, vegan, and high protein Food by Prolicious and stock your pantry…..what are you waiting for????