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Khakhra Nachos

Take a Khakhra of your choice, break it into smaller pieces, have it with any dip or sauce of your …
CategoriesRecipes Snacks

Khakhra Sandwich

Take a khakhra (you can choose the flavor of your choice) and spread a little of the dip on top. …
CategoriesBreakfast Recipes

Whole Wheat Pancake

In a bowl, combine first 5 ingredients. Mash 1 banana; in another bowl, mix mashed banana with milk, and almond …
CategoriesDesserts Recipes

Dry Fruit Chocolate

Melt dark cooking chocolate in a microwave. Once fully melted pour over a cardboard and make insertions with a cookie …
CategoriesMealtime Recipes

Curried Sweet Potatoes With Chickpea

Drizzle with oil, sprinkle on salt, curry powder, and garam masala. Use your hands to toss each section (sweet potatoes, …
CategoriesBreakfast Recipes

Banana Oat Smoothie

Add oats, banana, dates, cinnamon powder, almond milk and ice together in a mixer and blend it into a smooth …
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