Tasty and Healthy snacks to consider while traveling | Prolicious

Traveling is all about discovering new places and getting away from your daily routine. Whether traveling for business or leisure, you must be adequately prepared to guarantee a comfortable trip to your desired location. While we concentrate on what clothing and other travel requirements we need to bring, we often overlook one crucial aspect. Food!

Choosing a healthy and appropriate snack to consume while traveling might be difficult. Although there are many bad meals to choose from, we recommend sticking to nutritious snacks, particularly when traveling. As a result, you can always stay healthy!

We understand the value of healthy travel friendly snacks, which is why we’ve created this list of nutritious and tasty travel snacks that you can pack in your luggage and consume whenever you need them. Look through the list and choose your favorites.


Popcorn is an excellent accompaniment to movies, but it may also be a nutritious travel snack. If you’re on a road trip, a handful of this delicious popcorn will allow you to focus on driving without causing a fuss, wondering where to stop for snacks. As a result, they are the best meal for road trips. Instead of buying stale popcorn from the shop, you can make your own using recipes that include cheese/butter, extra-virgin olive oil, and fresh black pepper, which is much tastier.


You might take a delicious veggie chutney sandwich with you on your journey, which is much superior to the street cuisine you’ll encounter. This sandwich is simple to make and won’t take up much of your time. You’re ready to go when you layer the bread with butter or your favorite sauce, as well as chopped veggies. Both the bread and the veggies will give you the necessary nutrients to energize you for an extended period. You can also add paneer to make it a high protein vegetarian snack.

You may eat it as a nutritious meal to keep your stomach full when traveling, especially in the morning. Apply some green chutney in between to give your voyage a spicy kick. It will stay fresh for around 3-4 hours if stored in an airtight container.

Bread Dhokla

This quick-fix recipe is simple to prepare, portable, and delicious. A batter of bread crumbs and rava is used to make this dish. It gives an excellent flavor because of the ginger and green chillies. You might serve it with some delicious green chutney.

Seasonal fruits

Seasonal fruits are the healthiest opt to bring on a road trip. Pick some fresh fruits of your choosing and bring them with you on your journey. This is a crucial reminder! Do not chop the fruits at home since they may spoil if kept or exposed to the air for an extended period. Fruits should be washed, dried, and then packed, and they will be ready to consume, providing much-needed energy for your travel.

Other Indian Snacks

Many people who travel long distances depend on delicacies from their region to keep them company. Travel snacks may be conveniently stacked and carried with them on the trip. Snacks that are healthy like thepla and khakhra are great for traveling since they don’t need to be cooked ahead of time and are delicious.


Whether going on vacation or for work, it is easy to forget about your nutrition. Even if you’re stuck in a long journey, don’t allow boredom to persuade you to consume unhealthy food. Therefore, always have snacks that are healthy on hand to keep you energized during your journey.