Health Benefits of Little Millet

Little Millet, Big Benefits

Aug 25, 2022Imtiaz Hami

Little Millet, also known as “Kutki Millet” in Hindi, is a traditional crop cultivated across the country due to its versatility. This small millet has been cherished across generations due to its immense health benefits.

Today we will dig deeper into the world of little millet uncovering the numerous advantages it brings to the table – nutritionally as well as transforming your kitchen and your plates. Let’s explore the creative ways to incorporate this nutritional powerhouse into your daily diet.


Nutritional Profile:


Kutki Millet possesses a nutritional profile that outshines the commonly consumed grains like wheat and rice. This is what makes it a wholesome substitute for rice in most of the recipes.

This underrated grain not only gives your meals a classic touch but is also a healthy companion to your path of better health. It is a perfect addition for people with diabetes, PCOS, weight management, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.


Every 100g of Little millet offers:





Fun Ways to Add Little Millet to your Diet:

 1. Prolicious Millet Vermicelli:

Whether your taste buds are yearning for sweetness or savory, Prolicious Millet Vermicelli is your way to guilt-free indulgence. Its subtle, natural flavor lends itself beautifully to creating protein-rich, nutrient-packed dishes like sevaiyaan upma or kheer, allowing you to savor every bite while prioritizing your health.

Simply roast and boil a cup of Prolicious Millet Vermicelli. Drain it and set aside. Sauté colorful veggies like carrots, peas, onions and corn in a bit of oil. Next, add garlic, ginger, and a touch of chilies for flavor. Toss in the boiled vermicelli, mix it all up, and you're ready to enjoy your nutritious, hot meal!"

2. Prolicious Millet Uttapam Mix:

No more overnight waits for dosa to ferment, thanks to Prolicious Uttapam Mix your key to hassle-free uttapam making. It's a blend of convenience, nutrition, and delightful flavor, all in a single package. Best of all, it lets you customize your uttapam exactly the way you want. And if your South Indian cravings extend to idlis, appams, dosas, and beyond, consider them fulfilled!

3. Prolicious Gluten Free Flour:

Prolicious Gluten-Free Flour, is a blend of nutritious, protein-packed ingredients including jowar flour, peanut flour, little millet flour, soy flour, gram flour, and psyllium husk. It’s a unique combination that delivers twice the protein content compared to regular whole wheat flour rotis. It isn’t restricted to rotis alone but can also be used to make parathas, theplas, or any other variations of your choice.


Benefits of Little Millet


Little Millet, being a powerhouse of various nutrients, offers a myriad of health benefits from weight management to enhancing heart health and beyond.




1. Weight Watcher’s Dream:

Let me introduce you to a well-kept secret whether you are embarking on a weight loss journey or trying to lose those pesky extra pounds: Little Millet. Little millet is your ultimate partner in the war against obesity due to its impressive nutritional value, low in fat, calorie-friendly, and sporting a high fiber content. It naturally keeps you fuller for longer and keeps your cravings at bay, helping you to stay on track effortlessly.

2. Diabetes Friendly:

Being a tasty substitute to rice, little millet is a boon for diabetics or people who are trying to prevent diabetes. Being loaded with fiber, the carbohydrates in little millet are absorbed slowly which means no roller-coaster blood sugar spikes and crashes. This controlled blood glucose acts as a consistent and long-lasting source of energy.

3. Heart Health Hero:

Millets act as safeguards for your heart health. Little millet, loaded with potassium & magnesium helps to enhance your heart health and regulate blood pressure. The soluble fiber in millets also helps to manage cholesterol thus lowering the risk of heart disease.

4. Gut Health Guru:

A happy gut is the foundation of a healthy individual and millets are fabulous when it comes to maintaining a healthy digestive system. Little millet, with almost 30% fiber content improves bowel movements, avoids constipation, reduces bloating, indigestion, thus improving overall gut health. Furthermore, a diet with adequate fiber content helps to reduce the risk of colon cancer. A healthy gut contributes to a well-functioning immune system, making it better equipped to tackle challenges and maintain our health. Little Millet being rich in various minerals and vitamins further supports the functioning of immune system.

5. Gluten Free Goodness:

Gluten, a protein commonly found in wheat, barley, and rye, can be quite challenging to digest. For individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, consuming gluten can lead to uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, brain fog, swelling, and gas.

In case you’re sensitive to gluten or simply looking to eliminate gluten from your diet, millets are a great substitute to wheat and other gluten-containing foods. They offer all the nutrients without gluten, making them a healthy and safe option.



With little millet as the star ingredient, Prolicious products don’t just provide great taste but also support your health goals. Whether you're opting for the gluten-free flour, the protein-rich dosa premix, or any other Prolicious creation, you're not just making a culinary choice; you're making a choice for a healthier, more wholesome life.



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