High Protein Oats Chilla Mix


65G Plant Protein in 200g Pack

13g Protein per Serving (2 Chillas*)

Start your day with tasty & healthy Prolicious High Protein Oats Chilla. Made in just 15 mins. Add your favorite veggie and pair it with your favorite chutney. * Just mix 50g of Premix with 110 ml water.


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About Prolicious High Protein Chilla Mix

  • Introducing Prolicious Oats Chilla Mix. A quick mix for a freshly made tasty and healthy breakfast.  
  • Make breakfast more special for your loved ones with tasty & healthy Prolicious Oats Chilla Mix.  
  • In just 3 Steps Mix, Pour and Enjoy with your favorite chutney. Your yummylicious breakfast is ready under 15 mins.  
  • This exciting new oats chilla mix is undoubtedly tasty and nutritious made with goodness of oats.  
  • Since Our Oats Chilla mix is high in protein it will make you feel full for longer time. 
  • Bring extra joy to your family time with Prolicious High Protein Oats Chilla.  
  • Prolicious Oats Chilla Mix comes in a ziplock standup pouch making it convinient for storing

3 reviews for High Protein Oats Chilla Mix

  1. Ramona

    On the days I don’t feel like preparing chapatis, I swap them for Prolicious Chillas. They taste amazing and come with great nutritional value!! Also, it actually takes less than 15mins to prepare them. Win-Win!!

  2. Kshitij Rane

    The best option for a quick healthy breakfast! I personally like to cook it with veggies like onions, Tomato and Coriander. I like to have it with Tomato Ketchup dip and apply butter on pan instead of oil to get the creamy and soft texture.

    Kshitij Rane
  3. Akhtarali

    I like it’s taste . When ever you are hungry, easily and simply you can make it.
    It’s healthy and 👍👍👍

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