Prolicious Story

Prolicious Team

Our aim is to make protein rich healthy food accessible, affordable and tasty. Prolicious products are designed to help you feeling full for longer, managing
your weight and building strength.

Today our biology hasn’t changed much but our relationship with food has become distorted, causing a health crisis for the people & planet. Finding balance again is challenging to say the least, as we want to enjoy all our favorite snacks without stress, consequence and guilt.

Presently, 68% of Indians are Protein deficient with majority of them being unaware about their daily protein requirements. A sedentary lifestyle and inadequate protein diet can lead to poor muscle health, which may affect productivity of an individual.

Prolicious was created keeping this in mind and to support the nutritional needs of every individual. We believe in helping solve environmental problems in the food space, which are caused due to animal agriculture.

Together with nutritionists and food technologists, we develop intelligent products that make vegan and high protein diet worry-free.

We aspire to develop treats that are convenient, can be consumed on the go and help us in maintaining our daily protein intake thus making healthy eating simpler.