Reduce Weight

by Rebalancing Your Macros

You can eat more and still lose weight.

Yes, eating balanced meals that have more protein, more fiber, & lower carbs is the healthier way to lose weight and even keep it off!

The Right Nutrient Balance

A weight loss meal must consist of

20% calories from protein
55% calories from complex carbs
25% calories from good quality oils/fats

So how does this work? 

Protein is a key element for weight loss. Protein helps increase metabolism, curb appetite, and promote weight loss hormones.

To summarize, balanced meals prevent you from overeating and thereby promote weight management.

Lose Weight Sustainably with Prolicious*

At Prolicious, we make your favorite everyday foods into nutritious meals so you can eat what you love, guilt-free.

Minimum 20% protein

More Fiber

More Vitamins & Minerals

*we make nutritionally balanced foods (not diabetic foods) that are ideal for everyone, including those with diabetes.

The Impact of Our Foods

13 kgs lost in just 90 days! Yes, this 50-year-old man lost 13 kgs in a span of 3 months and sustained it too.

Just one month after incorporating Prolicious foods in his diet, he saw an impressive 3 kg drop from his initial weight of 100 kg. He stayed consistent and lost another 10 kg in the following 2 months.

And better yet, he experienced no loss of energy or tiredness that goes hand in hand with weight loss diets.

And that is the power of balanced meals!