Meet Nutritional Needs of

New Moms & Baby with More Protein

It is often believed that folic acid and iron are the only essential nutrients during pregnancy.

But did you know?

Protein, the molecule of life, is important during and after pregnancy too. Balanced nutrition with adequate protein intake helps breastfeeding mothers to provide their infants with the necessary nutrients.

The Right Nutrient Balance

In the first trimester the protein requirement remains unchanged i.e., 1g/kg body weight/day. The requirement increases in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.
As per Indian RDA, the protein requirement is +15 g/day during pregnancy
Lactating mothers need adequate protein to maintain their own muscle mass and provide the infant with enough protein through breast milk. Protein is also required for breast milk production.
(RDA): 0-6 months (+25g/day); 6-12 months (+18g/day)

So how does this work? 

Multiple research studies highlight the importance of maternal nutrition in the growth and development of the embryo / foetus.

Protein is the precursor for significant molecules that are responsible for processes like cell signalling, metabolic functions, and more.

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