Get Stronger

by simply Rebalancing Your Diet

Protein is crucial to build muscle.

But balanced meals are the key to a fitter, stronger you, inside-out. 

Yes, that’s true. While protein is the building block, adequate carbs, fats, & fiber are essential for muscle recovery & growth. In fact, you need substantial complex carbs & good fats to ensure muscle growth & repair.

The Right Nutrient Balance

A study by the School of Health Sciences revealed that plant protein is as effective as animal protein in stimulating muscle protein synthesis (MPS). When amino acids in plant proteins are balanced, they are shown to have similar benefits to animal protein for active individuals.

So how does this work? 

It’s not just the quantity of protein, but the quality that plays a significant role. Protein from natural plant sources has more fiber and good quality fats.

Such natural sources of protein which are rich in fiber are proven to be better for overall health & wellness as compared to processed powders or chemical extracts.

Get Stronger with Prolicious*

At Prolicious, we make your favorite everyday foods into nutritious meals so you can eat what you love, guilt-free.

Minimum 20% protein

More Fiber

More Vitamins & Minerals

*we make nutritionally balanced foods (not diabetic foods) that are ideal for everyone, including those with diabetes.

The Impact of Our Foods

A 40-year-old triathlete noticed a significantly positive improvement in his strength and stamina after consuming meals high in plant proteins and fiber.

After 3 months of consecutively eating balanced meals, he gained 1.5 kg of lean muscle mass. Additionally, he went from running a kilometer in 8 minutes to covering the same distance in less than 7 minutes.