You can Regulate your Hormones

by Rebalancing Your Macros

We often think the only way to manage PCOS is through medication.

But did you know, PCOS can be managed through food?
Yes, eating nutritionally balanced meals with lower carbs, more protein, and fiber can help manage PCOS.

The Right Nutrient Balance

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) manifests through irregular periods, weight gain, insulin resistance, and glucose intolerance.
A controlled trial involved 57 PCOS women over six months, on a High Protein diet (>20%) The HP diet led to a significant reduction in body fat (mean: 4.3 kg) and weight (mean: 4.4 kg) compared to the regular diet. Waist circumference also decreased more with the HP diet. Even after accounting for weight fluctuations, the HP diet showed greater improvements in glucose metabolism.
Thus, replacing carbohydrates with protein may offer an effective dietary intervention for PCOS, enhancing weight loss and glucose metabolism independently.

A balanced meal must consist of

20% calories from protein
55% calories from complex carbs
25% calories from good quality fat

So how does this work? 

A meal balanced with lower carbs, higher protein & fiber, with good quality fats prevent sugar spikes.

This in turn regulates hormones and gradually, overtime minimizes the symptoms of PCOS. Replacing carbs with protein is effective in reversing PCOS.

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Minimum 20% protein

More Fiber

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