Reduce Sugar Spikes

by simply Rebalancing
Your Diet

As Dr. Jason Fung explains in The Diabetes Code, “you can’t use drugs to cure a dietary disease”.

Protein does help regulate your blood sugar, reduce glucose spikes, and support overall health and wellness

We often believe that reducing sugar intake is the only way to manage sugar.

But did you know?

Your macronutrient balance i.e. protein-carb- fat ratio plays an important role too!

Unlike the diet of our ancestors, the meals we eat today are carb-heavy & lack essential nutrients. While the food we eat today, is undoubtedly tasty, but is loaded with carbohydrates, has little to no protein, and nutrient-poor ingredients, resulting in lifestyle diseases like diabetes & obesity. 

This issue doesn’t just affect adults. Alarmingly, one in five college kids in our country are already prediabetic

A study by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) revealed that rebalancing our diet can help manage & even reverse diabetes.

The suggested formula for diabetes remission is- 

20% calories from protein
50-55% calories from complex carbs
25-30% calories from good quality fats 

So how does this work? 

A high protein-moderate carb ratio results in slow release of glucose in the blood stream. This prevents sudden sugar spikes. Also, protein promotes satiety keeping you full for longer.

Reduce Sugar Spikes with Prolicious*

At Prolicious, we make your favorite everyday foods into nutritious meals so you can eat what you love, guilt-free.

We use good quality kitchen ingredients and plant proteins from natural sources and no refined carbs.

Minimum 20% Protein

More Fiber

More Vitamins & Minerals

*we make nutritionally balanced foods (not diabetic foods) that are ideal for everyone, including those with diabetes.

The Impact of Our Foods

Prolicious Gluten Free thins were part of a study conducted by Dr. Rita Patil- HOD Food & Nutrition and VP Nanavati women’s college, to understand the impact of high protein snacks vs high carb snacks on blood sugar spike.  

This study was presented at the IMA conference in June 2023.

Prolicious high protein snacks

  • Can help control blood sugar 
  • Are tasty and fulfilling 
  • Minimize the desire to binge eat