How to stick to your Weight Loss Resolution

How to stick to your New Year's Resolution | Prolicious

Jan 25, 2023Imtiaz Hami

It’s a cold, cozy morning of January 1st. A new year, new day, New you. You have resolved to make the new year better by losing weight, making another health focused change, or finding love :) 

It is a very common practice of making resolutions, but we quickly find ways of defying them. A Key insight from a famous book, The Atomic habits by James clear, he makes it evident that Habits are just Mental shortcuts, and we need to find a way to crack into the system to make it a lively part of our lifestyle. Starting with something comfortable or just one step out of the comfort zone would be the ideal and most lucrative way of completing a task! Also known as the Goldilocks rule, as we humans experience peak motivation when we are performing actions that are right on the edge of our current abilities.  

So, the best way is to start with something definite Not too difficult, not too easy! Just right on the sweet spot.

Using this we have some easy resolution ideas for you to become a trend setter: 

1. Tired of the “Oh I am going to lose weight or get in my best shape this year” or “Not going to eat junk” or the worst “I will start a diet” 

Replace them with:

  1. I will eat breakfast everyday 
  2. I will include Prolicious thins for snacks  
  3. Make an appointment, with a nutritionist and seek advice  

(Seeking professional help will guide you along the way) 

Pro tip: Make easy high protein breakfasts or healthy meals with Prolicious!😊

See, Being specific helps and goes a long way!! 

2. Are you, “Oh boy! I need to stop being a mess, I want to get organized”  

Swap them with:

  1. This amount (XYZ) will be my daily expenditure.  
  2. I will write my tasks down and prioritize them by importance  
  3. I will set a timer and clean my room or working space. 

      Pro tip: Using a timer, sets the tone of emergency and will help you finish the task  

      3. “Every person has the phase where they tell themselves

      “I need to stop being a couch potato! & Start working out more” or “I want a body like him” or it can be that you simply hate exercising, For you we have solutions that will keep your body on the move with the least possible efforts!

      Swap this with:

      1. I will take the stairs instead of the lift 
      2. I will go for Zumba classes 3 times a week.
      3. I will walk 1000-2000 Steps , (Start with the least, and gradually build up)

      Pro tip : Keep it as realistic as possible. Do not over do/over stress, it's not a competition !

      4. Do you find yourself stuck in mundane activities like scrolling through your Instagram and wondering when will your life turn cooler?

      Dear Cinderella, Stop comparing yourself and start with some activities that give you a sense of happiness, which are self-engaging and helps you forget about your phone  

      For example:

      1. I plan on reading more to I will read one new book a month or 2 pages  
      2. I will socialize more to joining a reading/ cycling/fitness/art/gardening/ dance club or Facebook club in your vicinity  
      3. I will learn coding or cooking; learn free from YouTube University and experiment as you can; P.S (please don’t burn your kitchen) 

          Pro tip: Swap your “going to” or “Planning” with actually & willingly planning small specific & realistic resolutions!  

          The last but not the least, its okay. Its okay if you fail. Just because you had a cheat day or over-indulged doesn’t mean you lost the battle. Get up, dust, and start it afresh! 

          Success is not a straight line, get prepared to have bumps in the road, that’s what makes the journey worthy of a laugh. 

          About the Author

          Prachiti Mali

          MSc Sports Nutrition, P G Diploma Dietetics & Applied nutrition, CDE.

          She is an enthusiastic expert in food and nutrition who is committed to making enticing meals healthy for a better future.


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