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Nutrition During Puberty | Prolicious

Mar 24, 2023Prolicious | Protein & Delicious!

Puberty comprises a progressive nonlinear process commencing from prepubescent to full sexual maturity through the interplay and collaboration of biological, physical, and psychological changes. One of the most crucial elements influencing pubertal growth is nutrition. All stages of development—infancy, childhood, and puberty—seem to require eating a sufficient and nutritious diet, both for optimal growth and typical pubertal development.

A growth spurt brought on by puberty increases a person's need for macro- and micronutrients. During this crucial time of rapid growth, there is an increased need for calories, protein, iron, calcium, zinc, and folate. The start and course of puberty can also be delayed by severe primary or secondary malnutrition.

Effect of Nutrition on Puberty:

Puberty development is significantly influenced by childhood nutrition, which can account for up to 25% of the variation in puberty timing. Obesity and overeating appear to trigger the onset of puberty. Females now experience puberty at a younger age than in previous decades. It's possible that overeating a lot of processed, high-fat foods is to blame for this phenomenon. Children who are overweight or obese are more prone to start puberty early. According to certain evidence, obesity may cause a delay in the onset of puberty in boys and an acceleration of it in girls.

Role of Protein in Puberty:

Protein plays a crucial role in pubertal nutrition. Puberty is an important growth spurt regulated by multiple hormonal interactions like growth hormone, sexual hormones, etc. This hormone synthesis requires adequate nutrition and especially protein. Also, protein is required for overall growth and development of the body including tissue growth, muscle building and bone strengthening.

How Prolicious helps?

Prolicious has come up with genuine tasty and healthy foods which are made with the goodness of all natural ingredients like pulses & legumes, millets, etc. These products help to provide your adolescent with tasty and healthy foods to ensure adequate nutrition during the growth phase. Prolicious products are high in protein and fiber and contain moderate amounts of fat and carbohydrates. These products are trans-fat free, and plant based. They provide sustained release of energy and will help the adolescent to stay active for longer duration. High protein helps build muscle and prevents cravings for sugary carbohydrates as it keeps you full for longer. Also, high fiber prevents overeating and supports fat loss. Plant based foods are also a good source of vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants.

Often teenagers are very choosy about what they eat, and their diets are influenced by social media, friend circle, etc. Gaining muscle mass is a fad among all young boys whereas having a slender figure is what every teenage girl desires. Teenage is the age where one wants to enjoy freedom, behave carelessly and eat all tasty foods, health is not the priority. It’s a major concern for the mothers to make tasty healthy meals to ensure that the adolescent will eat at home and get proper nourishment.

It’s not easy to be a working mom and provide healthy home-made food for the family everyday . To make your work easy there are many brands out there who have created tasty, quick & convenient options, but are all of them healthy? It’s very important to read food labels before choosing any food product as an alternative to home-made food.

Relish tasty foods which are genuinely healthy and not just claim to be healthy!!

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