High Protein Masala Rava Idli Premix

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MRP ₹ 250.00

10 g protein in 2 medium-sized idlis 

Natural Protein | Kitchen Ingredients | Added Veggies

Enjoy soft and fluffy Prolicious Masala Rava Idlis that are both tasty and nutritious. With real veggies, our Rava Idlis are nutritionally better with-  

  • 2X more Protein i.e. 10 g protein in 2 idlis
  • 2X Fiber 
  • Protein from flours you find in your kitchen and not concentrates or isolates 
  • Completely plant-based & vegetarian 
  • And perfect for you, your partner, your parents, and your kids too!

This unique composition helps… 

Support weight loss | Build & repair muscles | Improve gut health | Regulate hormonal balance | Reduce sugar spikes | Improve heart health 


Get the perfect start to your busy mornings with our delicious Masala Rava Idli Mix.  

It is wholesome, convenient, and perfectly seasoned. Made with pulses, cereals, and semolina, our Idlis have more protein and fiber and real veggies. 

Prolicious Rava Idli is made with natural ingredients that you know and use in your kitchen, so you know this is good for you, your partner, your parents, and your kids too!

Our Idlis have... 

2X Protein of regular Idlis- good for sugar regulation and hormonal balance 

2X Fiber of regular Idlis- good for gut health 

Lower carbs than regular Idlis- good for weight management 


Why do you need foods with 2X Protein & High Fiber? 

The modern, carb-heavy diet we consume today is tasty, but nutritionally poor with more refined carbs and low fiber resulting in obesity and other lifestyle diseases.  

Our Masala Rava Idli Mix has been nutritionally balanced to give you more than 20% protein and more fiber to help you eat what you love, guilt-free.  


Why have we added Rava, peanut flour, and urad flour to our Idli?

Our Rava Idlis are made with a unique blend of semolina, peanut flour, and urad flour. These ingredients offer complete nutrition. They also add a lip-smacking flavor to your breakfast.  


Promising a Delight in Every Bite 

Crafted by a team of expert chefs, skilled nutritionists, and food technologists, our foods are made with the same love and care you add to your food at home.  

They are not just nutritious, but also bring a feeling of warmth and cheer to every mealtime. 

Our Masala Rava Idli is perfectly pre-seasoned and can be enjoyed as is or paired with sambhar and chutney.  


Weight: 400 grams 

One pack makes 16-18 medium sized Idlis. 

Serving size- 2 idlis = 50 grams

Ingredients: Wheat Semolina (55.5%), Peanut flour, Urad flour, Rice bran oil, Salt, Baking soda (INS 500), Mustard seeds, Dehydrated carrot, Citric acid (INS 330), Fenugreek powder, Dehydrated green chilli, Malic acid (INS 296), Dehydrated curry leaves. 

Nutrition Facts: 2 idlis = 50 grams 


Nutritional Information  

Qty (per 100g) 

Qty 2 idlis

 (50 gm) 


Energy (kcal) 




Protein (g) 




Carbohydrate (g) 



Total Sugars (g) 

Added Sugars (g) 

Dietary Fiber (g) 



Total Fat (g) 




Saturated Fat (g) 




Trans Fat (g) 

Cholesterol (mg) 

Sodium (mg) 





Manufactured & Marketed by:
Samyog Health Foods Pvt Ltd.
A-735, TTC Industrial Area, Sector 2, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400705

Wheat Semolina (55.5%), Peanut flour, Urad flour, Rice bran oil, Salt, Baking soda (INS 500), Mustard seeds, Dehydrated carrot, Citric acid (INS 330), Fenugreek powder, Dehydrated green chilli, Malic acid (INS 296), Dehydrated curry leaves.
Contains Nuts and Wheat
NUTRITION FACTS: 2 idlis = 50 grams
Nutritional Information Qty
Per 100 Grams
2 idlis (50 gm)
Energy(kcal) 368.4 184.2 9.2
Protein(g) 20.6 10.3 19.1
Carbohydrate(g) 66.4 33.2 *
Total Sugar(g) 0 0 *
Added Sugar(g) 0 0 0
Dietary Fiber(g) 6.8 3.4 *
Total Fat(g) 3.8 1.9 2.8
Saturated Fat(g) 1.0 0.5 2.2
Trans Fat(g) 0 0 0
Cholesterol (mg) 0 0 *
Sodium(mg) 824.4 412.2 20.6

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A. Our 250g pack of Oats Chilla Premix can make 9 – 10 chillas.

A. Oats Chilla Premix - 250gms (1 cup heaped + 1/4 cup)

Water - 2 Cups + 3/4 cup

If you want thick batter, you may add less water.

Here's a detailed recipe: -

  1. Mix contents of packet (250g) with 550 mL water (approx.) to make the batter of pouring consistency. Adjust the amount of water depending on the required consistency.
  2. Whisk the mixture uniformly, to remove any lumps.
  3. Add the vegetables of your choice like onions, tomatoes, & coriander, etc.
  4. Preheat a non-stick pan on a low flame and apply oil.
  5. Pour the batter using a ladle and spread it in outward circular motion, cook both the sides till it becomes crispy and golden brown in color.
  6. Serve hot with mint chutney or pickle of your choice.

For mouthwatering high protein oats chilla recipes click here.

A. Our Oats chilla is made up of 50% Oats flour.

A. Yes, our products are high in protein content and fibres and relatively low in calories compared to other snacks in the market.

A. Yes, after consuming our snacks, the blood sugar levels are not spiked, and a diabetic patient can have them in decent quantity. The gluten free thins are the best suited for diabetic patients.

A. Our products are high in protein and fibre. It helps to keep you full for longer and prevents blood sugar spike. This could prevent food cravings as well. In addition to these health benefits, our products are tasty and delicious. A perfect partner for your healthy diet journey!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rakesh pandya
Rawa idli

Best quality and taste

Vivek Ojha

It is very tasty like wow and also a healthier option.

tastes amazing

Very easy to make and is tasty and healthy!

Tushar Dayal
Goes the extra mile

Masala Rawa Idlies are a natural extension of regular Rawa Idlies- they are tastier and sumptuous. Worth a try to relish it. What’s now missing are interesting Chutneys, Sambar and powder chutneys- these will optimise the portfolio