High Protein Penne Pasta | 400g

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400g Pack

13 g protein in a medium-sized bowl 

Plant Protein | Kitchen Ingredients | No Maida 


Experience the goodness of Durum wheat with Prolicious High Protein Penne Pasta. With the perfect balance of taste and health, this pasta has DOUBLE the protein and lower carbs compared to regular pasta.

Indulge in a lip-smacking bowl of pasta, guilt-free.  

    Relish the goodness of Durum wheat with our High Protein Penne Pasta. Nutritionally rebalanced, this has DOUBLE the protein of regular pasta with lesser carbs, and more fiber. Perfect for you and your family, this high protein pasta has all ingredients that support all-round nourishment of growing children and adults alike.  

    Nutritious and delicious, this pasta has the authentic Italian taste with an Al-dente texture. Made using flours from your kitchen, this high protein pasta has no maida, no preservatives, no powders or supplements. 

    Our pasta has 2X protein which helps you,  

    ✅ Manage your weight 

    ✅ Reduce blood sugar spikes essential for those with PCOS, PCOD, diabetes 

    ✅ Build and repair muscles for better fitness 

    ✅ Feel full longer with reduced cravings 


    Prolicious High Protein PastaOther Pasta
    13 g Protein in a Bowl5.9 g Protein in a Bowl
    Made with Durum WheatMade with Maida
    Contains complex carbsContains simple carbs
    Minimizes sugar spikeMassive sugar spike


    Who is this for? 

    This is for... 

    ✅ Energizing you, your partner, your parents, your children 

    ✅ Nourishing pregnant and lactating women 

    ✅ Enhancing your kids’ strength and immunity 

    ✅ and essentially, everyone. 


    Weight: 400 grams 

    One pack holds 7-8 servings.

    Ingredients: Durum wheat (71%), Peanut Flour, Wheat Gluten 

    Nutrition Facts: 1 serve = 50 g 

    Nutritional Information 

    Qty (per 100g) 

    Qty 1 bowl (50 gm) 


    Energy (kcal) 




    Protein (g) 




    Carbohydrate (g) 



    Total Sugars (g) 

    Added Sugars (g) 

    Dietary Fibre (g) 



    Total Fat (g) 



    Saturated Fat (g) 




    Trans Fat (g) 

    Cholesterol (mg) 

    Sodium (mg) 





    Manufactured & Marketed by:
    Samyog Health Foods Pvt Ltd.
    A-735, TTC Industrial Area, Sector 2, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400705

    Durum Wheat (71%), Peanut Flour, Wheat Gluten
    Contains Wheat, Peanuts
    50g per serving Qty
    Per 100 Grams
    Per Serve
    Per Serve
    Energy(kcal) 338 169 8.5%
    Protein(g) 25 12.5 20.8%
    Carbohydrate(g) 63 31.5 10.9%
    Total Sugar(g) 6 3 3.4%
    Added Sugar(g) 0 0 0
    Dietary Fiber(g) 13 6.5 26%
    Total Fat(g) 1.3 0.7 1%
    Saturated Fat(g) 0.3 0.1 0.6%
    Trans Fat(g) 0 0 0
    Cholestrol(mg) 0 0 0
    Sodium(mg) 22 11 0.6%

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    A. One 250g pack of Prolicious Pasta makes 4-5 servings.

    A. No, but you can refer to the link below for recipes of delicious Prolicious Pasta.
    Click Here

    A. Yes, our products are high in protein content and fibres and relatively low in calories compared to other snacks in the market.

    A. Yes, after consuming our snacks, the blood sugar levels are not spiked, and a diabetic patient can have them in decent quantity. The gluten free thins are the best suited for diabetic patients.

    A. Our products are high in protein and fibre. It helps to keep you full for longer and prevents blood sugar spike. This could prevent food cravings as well. In addition to these health benefits, our products are tasty and delicious. A perfect partner for your healthy diet journey!!

    Customer Reviews

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    Aseem Aggarwal
    The texture is so good

    The only protein pasta on the market that tastes like the real deal. If you now you know

    Sooraj Kumar

    High Protein Penne Pasta | 400g

    Reema Mehra

    High Protein Penne Pasta | 400g

    Shylaja Kumar

    High Protein Penne Pasta | 400g

    Delicious Pasta

    Yummy and delicious taste . Liked by family members due to is protein content and yummy taste.
    It's no maida 👍👌