This Snack Helps Lose Weight!

This Snack Helps Lose Weight!

Aug 24, 2023Prolicious | Protein & Delicious!

A balanced diet is the best way to lose weight. But does it mean giving up on snacks?  

No! Not at all! You can still have those evening snacks with your tea/coffee, without losing all weight loss progress. And this weight loss snack is Khakhra! 

Khakhras are the ideal snack for weight loss. The health benefits of diet khakhra make weight loss easier. Not only do we have endless varieties of diet Khakhras, but they are crunchy and a true delight to eat.  

What makes khakhra healthy, the flavor varieties of diet khakhra, how to plan a khakhra diet, how to make khakhra, and other such questions have been answered below.  

Prepare to snack your way to a healthier you! 


Snacks for Weight Loss 

Low calorie snacks that are high in protein and fibre are ideal snacks for weight loss. They keep you full and prevent overeating. Here are some vegetarian high protein snacks for weight loss.  


high protein weight loss


  • Fruit and yogurt 

This combination of yogurt with fruits ensures a decent balance of protein and fibre. It is a high-volume low-calorie snack that can be taken before a workout. To elevate flavors, you can add some honey, maple syrup or instant coffee.  

  • Sprouts 

Lentils like moong, chana, rajma must be sprouted before consumption. The process of sprouting makes them easier to digest. Since sprouts are high in fibre and protein, they make for a good starter before meals or a salad base.  

  • Vegetable sticks and hummus 

Ideally savored as a mid-meal healthy snack, peeled vegetable sticks with a flavored hummus dip ensures meeting the daily fibre intake requirements in limited calories. Compared to fried or sugar-loaded items, this is a healthy snack. 

  • Khakhra 

The health benefits of diet khakhra are plenty. Khakhra for weight loss is a healthy snack as they are roasted, not fried. Thin and crispy, khakhras have 50-90 Kcal/piece. 

  • Makhana 

Another roasted healthy snack, makhana is a great source of iron. This is a good weight loss snack as it is low in fat. One bowl has under 100 Kcal. 

Health Benefits of Diet Khakhra 

In addition to weight loss, khakhra has multiple other health benefits. Reduced sugar spikes improved digestive issues are some other benefits. 

diet khakhra healthy benefits


  • Weight management 

Khakhras are fairly thin in shape. Since khakhras are eaten by the piece, counting and practicing portion control is easy. This allows you to actively track the caloric intake, and in turn, aids in weight management. 

  • Energy boost 

Khakhras are made using whole wheat flour. Unlike refined flours, this retains all health benefits of the complete grain. It is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  

Moreover, the carbohydrate content provides sustained energy to keep you fueled.  

  • Balanced calories 

As mentioned above, one khakhra has anywhere between 50-90 Kcal. Assuming an individual eats two pieces, the total calorie count would sum up to under 200 Kcal. This number is the recommended mid-meal calorie intake for most active individuals.  

  • Low fat, high fibre 

Khakhras are roasted. This cooking process uses lesser oil which leads to a lower fat content. The low-fat content reduces the overall calories, making Khakhra a weight loss friendly snack.  

  • Gluten free alternatives 

Prolicious offers high protein khakhra as a gluten-free alternative too. It is made using gluten free flours like besan, urad flour, chawli flour, mung flour, peanut flour.  

These are high in protein and fibre too. 


Varieties of Diet Khakhra 

here are nine Prolicious High Protein Khakhras flavors. With double the protein than regular Khakhras, here are the flavors you can try. 

PS- on a gluten-free diet? Prolicious got you covered. 

diet khakhra varieties



  • Methi  
  • Garlic Bread 
  • Masala 
  • Chilli Coriander 
  • Jeera 
  • Methi Masala 
  • Plain 
  • Salt-free Green Chilli Ajwain 
  • Gluten Free Chorafali 


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How to make Khakhra 


Khakhra is fairly simple to make. Natural, healthy ingredients are used.  

To make Khakhras, you need whole wheat flour, vegetable oil, and some aromatic spices. 

how to make khakhra steps


Knead the dough 

For crispy Khakhras, first mix all dry and wet ingredients separately. Combine the wheat flour and salt. Gradually add water and knead them. It should be a firm dough. Drizzle some oil and let this rest for 20-30 minutes.  

Rolling out the Khakhras 

Divide the dough into small, equal-sized balls. Just like rotis are rolled out, you will roll out paper thin khakhras. Be patient and gentle. This will prevent cracks or breakage. 


Take a flat tawa and preheat it over medium heat. The rolled out khakhra goes on the preheated tawa for 15-20 seconds. Once you see light brown/golden spots, flip and cook the other side.  

Use a cloth or spatula and gently press the khakhra to fluff it up.  


Next, take the half-cooked khakhra off the flame. Place it directly on a low flame. Keep flipping to ensure an evenly cooked khakhra.  


Once the khakhras are cooled, store them in an airtight container to retain the crispness.  


How a Khakhra Diet helps lose weight?

Unlike most weight loss diets, a khakhra diet is not restrictive. As khakhras are lower in calories than fried snacks, they are recommended for weight loss diets. Khakhras have balanced nutrients and keep you full. The ingredients in khakhra promote a feeling of fullness and aid digestion. Khakhras are a great weight loss snack as they are lower in calories (compared to most snacks) but still have a desirable crunch.  


In Conclusion,

Khakhras are the best weight loss snack. Not only are they low in calories, but khakhras are a good source of protein. Additionally, Prolicious has an extensive range of varieties of diet khakhra that answer all cravings. From peri peri to pani puri, from plain to Chorafali, and everything in between, Prolicious Thins and Khakhras are the tastiest way to health. 

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