9 Nutritionist Approved Match Day Snacks You'll Love

9 Nutritionist Approved Match Day Snacks You'll Love

Oct 04, 2023Prolicious | Protein & Delicious!

Be it a blockbuster movie or India vs Pakistan World Cup match, the energy and excitement keep you glued to the TV screens. While this has your entertainment sorted, interesting snacks are a crucial requirement.

The team of nutritionists at Prolicious curated a list of tasty yet healthy snacks for match day! These vegan snacks are high in protein and tasty. Quick to make, these match day snacks are perfect for enjoying with your family and friends during the India vs Pakistan World Cup. Savory and sweet snacks, snacks that are crispy and nutty, filling yet tasty, here are snacks recommended by nutritionists that are tasty and healthy.


Match Day High Protein Vegan Snacks


1. Hummus with Veggies:

Choose your favorite veggies, may it be tender carrots and cucumber, or colorful, vibrant bell peppers and have them with a bowl of chickpea hummus. This dynamic combination provides a delightful blend of perfect protein & fiber.


2. Greek Yogurt Parfait:




A cup of Greek Yogurt with fresh berries topped with almonds and walnuts is perfect on the go protein powerhouse to meet your protein intake. You can also change the toppings and add fruity flavors as per your taste preferences.


3. Roasted Chickpeas:




Seasoned to perfection with your favorite spices, roasted chickpeas offer not only a protein punch but also various options for customization, ranging from savory to spicy. They are also kid-friendly due to their crispy texture and can further be added to chaat, bhel, salads, etc.


4. Prolicious Thins:




Prolicious Thins are a crafted from a blend of legumes, pulses, and complex carbs offering balanced nutrition. They are easy to carry, travel friendly and come in various flavors from traditional Methi flavor to peri peri and schezwan. They also come in various gluten-free options making them convenient for gluten-sensitive people.


5. Trail Mix




A harmonious combination of nuts, seeds and a touch of dark chocolate is a soul soothing blend of protein and energy. This can be further modified to make your own granola bars or muesli.


 6. Nut Butter with Fruit




Banana or apple slices smeared with peanut butter (preferably unsweetened) make up a protein rich snack absolutely perfect for busy days. Nut butters aren’t just packed with plant-based protein but also healthy fats. You can experiment with different nut butters and add extra flavor like chocolate, drizzle honey, or sprinkle cinnamon on top.


7. Protein Bars




Protein bars crafted from a blend of nuts, seeds, and dates are a convenient way to meet your protein requirements especially when you are in a hurry, travelling for a long trip or want to fulfill your cravings without compromising on taste.


8. Protein Smoothie




Blending your own version of protein-packed smoothie is a delicious adventure to get your protein punch and can be customized as per your taste. Blend Greek yogurt for a creamy texture, with your choice of milk & fruits. For an extra layer of crunch, you can also toss in nuts & seeds. for an extra layer of crunchiness. Furthermore, you can add your own choice of flavors like coffee, chocolate, etc.


9. Oatmeal




Oatmeal is a great, convenient, and effortless way to add protein to your diet. Oats are pseudo-cereal with higher protein content compared to other cereals. Mix 1 cup of oats, with plant-based milk (or any milk of your choice), a few nuts and chia seeds, topped with fruits like berries and banana makes up a delicious protein rich post workout meal that requires minimal cooking and effort. The fiber content in oats is what makes them an ideal food for individuals who want to lose fat while building muscle mass.

You can blend oats into smoothies, protein shakes or use it to make upma, khichdi, poha, etc. to effortlessly increase the protein content of your meal.


In Conclusion

All the above snacks are your trusty companions as they’re flavorful, satisfying and nutritiously wholesome to keep you energized and focused throughout the day. And Prolicious 

Whether you are rushing for a meeting, gym or going for a road trip, you have smarter choices not only to curb your hunger but also meet your fitness goals. So, you no more need to compromise on your taste buds at the expense of nutrition.

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