How To: Sync Travel & Fitness

How To: Sync Travel & Fitness

Oct 04, 2023Prolicious | Protein & Delicious!

Picture this: You're about to set off on a thrilling adventure. Be it business, a holiday with your loved ones, or on a solo escapade. The world beckons, and your schedule is about to be shaken up in the most exciting way possible.

But wait, there's a twist! Traveling can often lead to a temporary derailment of your health and wellness. (1)

Now you might wonder, how can you continue your quest for a healthier lifestyle while on the move? The hurdles are real, indeed. For instance:

  • Restaurant meals and snacks: Food from restaurants and fast food joints is high in calories and fats.
  • Unavailability of homely foods: The familiar comforts of home cuisine might be thousands of miles away.
  • Access to tasty, unhealthy treats: The world's delicacies beckon, and who can resist?

It's a real dilemma, right? But fear not. Here are some nutritionist-backed tips that help you make smarter choices. A fun vacation with your fitness on track is guaranteed.

Tips to Stay Fit While Travelling

1. Plan for Success!



  • Before you hit the road, scout the best eateries that offer both tasty and healthy options.
  • Arm yourself with high-protein, high-fibre snacks like nuts, seeds, Prolicious Thins and naturally sweet protein bars.
  • High protein snacks not only keep you full but also curb those carb cravings, helping you maintain a balanced diet.


2. Never Skip Breakfast!


healthy breakfast


  • Buffet breakfasts are tempting, but remember, balance is the key. (2)
  • Breakfast is your secret weapon. Opt for high-protein options like sprouts, beans, paneer stuffed dosas or parathas, eggs, milk etc.
  • It's not just about fueling your day but also enhancing your mood, memory, and overall energy levels (5)


3. Enjoy with Control!




  • You're on vacation, so indulge responsibly. Savor small portions of different foods. Learn more on portion control here.
  • It is advised to indulge in calorie-dense foods during the day rather than night. You utilize the energy better.
  • Have a protein and fibre-rich snack like a Prolicious Khakra or a few nuts before your main meals to curb overindulgence.


4. Get Active, Even on Vacation!




  • Dedicate just 20 minutes in the morning to power up your day. (3)
  • Try simple bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats, and burpees. (4)
  • If you prefer cardio, go for a jog, brisk walk, or a quick swim.
  • Staying active ensures a healthier and more energetic you!


5. Sip Smart!




  • If you're planning to enjoy a drink, pair it with a protein and fibre-rich snack.
  • Say no to carb-loaded snacks like chips and fries; choose grilled paneer, chicken, or egg-based options.


6. Prioritize Long Term Goals!

  • While the world's flavors beckon, remember to put your health first.
  • Indulge in 1 or 2 cheat meals, but never lose sight of your ultimate health goals.



So, there you have it – the ultimate guide to staying healthy while exploring the world! Your journey should be a delightful adventure for your taste buds and a celebration of your well-being. And if you ever find yourself wondering where to find high-protein and high-fiber foods, just click on Prolicious – we’ve got your health covered!

Set forth on your adventure, make incredible memories, and return not only with souvenirs but also with a healthier, happier you! Your travels await, and so does your best self! 🌍💪✈️


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