Protein- The Tastiest Way to Lose Weight

Protein- The Tastiest Way to Lose Weight

Aug 21, 2023Prolicious | Protein & Delicious!

Protein for weight loss is an age-old, time-tested concept. 

Protein, the building block of our bodies, is one of the most crucial elements in a diet. From a toned physique to better sleep, the benefits of protein are endless. Consuming more protein is linked to weight loss. Faster metabolism, regulated appetite, reduced cravings, and balanced hormones are certain ways a high protein diet helps.  

Did you know? The Atkins Diet from the 1970s was one of the first high protein low carb diets. 

A high protein diet works in the following ways- 

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    1. Balanced hormones 

    A study by the NIH revealed a high protein diet curbs appetite. Our brain sends hunger and fullness signals that are regulated by consuming more protein. Regulated hormones prevent overeating. This ensures ideal weight management and even weight loss.  

    2. Faster metabolism 

    Protein has the highest thermic effect of all nutrients. Thermic effect is the speed at which and the energy needed to break down and digest proteins. As a result, protein increases satiety and feeling of fullness. In addition to the thermic effect, a high-protein diet will also increase the resting metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate helps in burning more calories at rest, which helps lose weight. 

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    3. Appetite regulation 

    One of the benefits of proteins is minimized cravings and hunger pangs. Pairing protein with carbohydrate-rich food slows down the pace of sugar and nutrient absorption. This paced down digestion helps in preventing major fluctuations in blood glucose levels which keep cravings at bay. Steady weight loss is the result of regulated appetite.  

    4. Fat burn 

    When on a weight loss journey, our bodies tend to lose a combination of water, muscle, and fat. Fat burn while muscle preservation is key to sustainable weight loss. A high-protein diet preserves muscle mass, even when one is intaking lower calories overall. Preservation of muscle mass keeps the metabolic rate ideal.  

    5. Lower calorie consumption 

    1 gram of protein gives 4 Kcal. Fat has over double the calories for the same quantity (9 Kcal/gram) Eating a high protein diet keeps you fuller for longer. Protein is digested at a slower pace compared to carbohydrates. This prevents excess calorie consumption.  

    Having protein-centered meals and snacks offer benefits inside-out. Losing weight is made easier by consuming more protein. A minimal 20-30% increment is all you need to achieve better health markers like weight loss with high protein foods. 

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