The What, Why, How of Gluten-Free Diet
Aug 09, 2023
Going gluten free? Here are all the benefits and drawbacks of gluten free diet. A beginner's guideline to giving up gluten.
The Marvel of Millets- Importance of Millets
Sep 29, 2022
Millets help manage Type 2 diabetes, reduce weight, and even treat digestive issues. Millets are a long-lost superfood that have come into limelight recently. Here is how you can easily add millets to your diet with Prolicious. 
Role of Dietary Fiber in Digestive Health
Sep 28, 2022
Traditionally the Indian population’s diet consisted of surviving on dal/chhole or rajma, roti / unpolished rice. Often people ate parboiled rice and subji and cucumber or salad.
High Protein and Gluten-Free Khakhra for Breakfast
Sep 28, 2022
Crunchy Munchy A burst of flavours These are a few words that describe the awesomeness of a Khakhra. On busy mornings when you don’t have time to grab toast or parathas for breakfast, having some Khakhras on hand can come in useful.
Top 8 High-Fiber Foods for Your Digestive Health
Sep 22, 2022
The human body is a complex apparatus. All its systems and sub-systems need energy to...
plant-based rich protein sources
Aug 11, 2022
We’ve all been brought up with the belief in a healthy, balanced diet. And while this is accepted as a universal truth most often, modern research has shown that not all nutrients are created equal. Proteins are the most essential food group. Unlike carbs and fats, proteins cannot be synthesized in the human body. ieticians and nutritionists stress constant consumption of protein throughout the day. Another popular misconception is that vegetarian and vegan based diets are lacking in protein. We’re here to tell you that plant-based protein can come from many delectable sources and there is absolutely no reason for vegetarians and vegans to be bereft of protein. Here are 6 of the best plant-based foods that are high in protein.