plant-based rich protein sources

Essential plant-based rich protein sources to complete your healthy diet

Aug 11, 2022Sonali Sharma

We’ve all been brought up with the belief in a healthy, balanced diet. And while this is accepted as a universal truth most often, modern research has shown that not all nutrients are created equal. Proteins are the most essential food group. Unlike carbs and fats, proteins cannot be synthesized in the human body. ieticians and nutritionists stress constant consumption of protein throughout the day. Another popular misconception is that vegetarian and vegan based diets are lacking in protein. We’re here to tell you that plant-based protein can come from many delectable sources and there is absolutely no reason for vegetarians and vegans to be bereft of protein. Here are 6 of the best plant-based foods that are high in protein. 

  1. Peanuts


Peanuts are a wholesome favourite. Consumed either roasted or boiled or, in peanut butter, they are one of the best sources of plant-based protein. Peanuts are nutritious and tasty, they do however come with one note of caution, some people may be allergic to them. Peanuts can cause anaphylaxis in some adults, but if you’re not one of them, they are an excellent plant-based protein.  While a 100 g serving of peanuts provides a person with 24 g of protein, a more realistic snack size i.e. 15 g (per serve) of peanuts will provide 3.6 g of protein. 

  1. Chickpeas


Chickpea popularly known as Kabuli Chana is another plant-based food that’s rich in protein. Consumed boiled or in delicious creations like chole and other preparations, like hummus, chickpeas contain 8.8 g of protein in a 100 g serving. Their versatility makes them a highly desirable alternative to store bought snacks. Simply boiled and salted they make a healthy and tasty snack. 30 g (per serve) of chickpeas will provide 2.6 g of protein.


  1. Edamame


Edamame is made from immature, green soybeans, boiled, salted or fried in their pods. This is a Japanese staple that has started to gain popularity among health food enthusiasts. 100 grams of Edamame provide up to 10 g of plant-based protein. A 124 g cup size servin of edamame  will provide 13 g of protein.

  1. Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans popularly known as rajma, are a North Indian staple. Ubiquitous as a tasty and delectable plant-based protein, Kidney Beans are especially popular as rajma chawal, a Punjabi creation. What makes them so valuable as a plant-based food is the fact that a single 100 g serving of them gives a person 8.7 g of protein. A smaller snack size i.e. 30 g (per serve) of kidney beans will provide 2.6 g of protein.

  1. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of magnesium, trace minerals, and vitamins. They’re a fun, wholesome snack that many consume instead of processed foods like wafers, etc. A little known fact about pumpkin seeds is that they are considered to be among the list of protein rich foods. A 100 g serving of pumpkin seeds gives you about 33 g of protein.  A pocket size serving i.e. 15 g (per serve) of pumpkin seeds will provide 5 g of protein.

  1. Prolicious’ Products

With the goal of making proteins healthy and tasty, we at Prolicious have crafted a range of all-day eating options with twice the amount of protein (when compared to other store bought options) to cater to the everyman’s protein requirements. For breakfast go savory with our Oats Chilla Mix, or for those with a sweet tooth, try our Pancake Mix. Snack time and mid-morning / afternoon munchies can be quelled with our range of Khakhras (also with 2x protein compared to ordinary, store bought alternatives) in 8 amazing flavours. Always on the go? Well, our range of thins is your travel companion as it has 2x proteins as compared to other ‘snacks’. For dinner, we’ve made pasta healthy and delicious. Our penne rigate and macaroni are both enriched with 2x plant protein (as compared to local store bought pasta!). With a bucket of varieties to offer, the per serve of Prolicious products ranges between 17g – 83g which contains 3g – 17g of protein. Products like chilla, pasta, pancake and millet dosa have more than 10 g protein per serving. 

With so many delicious options at your disposal vegetarians and vegans (also non-vegetarians) rejoice!  There is no longer an excuse for another protein deficient day! 

Note: Nutritional values of all foods are taken from the USDA nutrient lists.

Accessed on August 24, 2022


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