Best Protein-Packed Snacks

What are the best ways to snack conscientiously while not neglecting your protein intake

Oct 07, 2022Imtiaz Hami

Snacking is one of those things that most of us love. While we’re watching television, or even working, chances are we’ll always have something savoury or sweet, crunchy and often-times calorie laden right there within reach. Snacking in itself isn’t inherently bad, however, packaged snacks are often a quagmire of fats, sugars and calories. So are  there healthier, more conscientious, maybe even protein rich foods we can snack on? This article is a definitive guide to how and what to snack on, without compromising  your protein requirement . 

  1. The Prolicious range of crunchy, protein rich khakhras

Khakhras are wafer thin crackers made from a variety of flours, laden with spices and savoury goodness. They are a  staple snack throughout India. Prolicious has made khakhras even more awesome, as they are 2X protein as comparedto traditional ones. . The Prolicious Khakhras are protein crackers that supplement your daily intake of protein. The protein comes naturally from the ingredients like flour of cereals, millets, legumes and pulses. What’s more, these high protein packaged snacks come in a variety of flavours from traditional jeera, methi and chorafali to modern favourites like garlic bread and peri peri. This gives you a wide choice of flavour profiles to choose from, all along, making snack time that is much more enjoyable. 

  1. The Prolicious range of super portable thins

Missing out on your daily dose of protein on the go, is no longer an excuse; all thanks to the Prolicious Thins. These are highly portable, simply slip them in your pocket or in your work / gym bag, and you have protein rich snacks on the go! Available in a wide range of 7 flavours, these thins are designed for an active lifestyle and for convenience. So now don’t think about salty, oil laden chips or other unhealthy options at work or on the move! Instead, opt for Prolicious thins.  

Other healthier plant based high protein foods for conscientious snacking

Walnuts (15g/100g)

Long regarded as a heart and brain boosting snack, walnuts are an excellent choice for snacking. Walnuts contain 15g of protein per 100 gram. They also have Omega-3 fatty acids which make them heart smart, good for vision and liver health. 

Pistachios (23g/100g)

Pistachios are fun, healthy and protein rich snacks. They’re supremely convenient and a small handful of them can keep you energized and satiated in between meals.

Peanut / Peanut Butter (23-24 g/100g)

Peanuts are among the best sources of plant based protein. Even peanut butter is a good choice as a high protein packaged snack. Combine peanut butter with low fat crackers or carrots for a delicious mid-morning snack or evening. 

Chickpeas (9 g/100g)

Boiled and slightly spiced or salted chickpeas are an ideal snack in-between meals. Boasting 9 g of proteins in a 100 gram, this makes for ideal fibre and protein rich snacks. 

Lentil dal (24g/100g)

Lentils are rich sources of vegetarian protein. It is an Indian staple. Easy to cook and one cup of dal can provide a good portion of protein for the day. In different states  It can be made with different recipes.

Soyabean (38 g/100g)

Soyabean is gradually gaining importance in meat substitutes due to its texture and protein content. Although it contains some allergen which is not suitable for some people, it still can serve as a good source of protein for the rest. Due to its texture, there can be various recipes made with this ingredient such as nuggets, cutlets, patties, etc. 

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