Penne Pasta with Pesto Sauce Recipe | Prolicious High Protein

Penne Pasta with Pesto Sauce Recipe | Prolicious High Protein

Jan 25, 2023Prolicious | Protein & Delicious!
Creamy delicious pasta made with a blend of crunchy nuts and freshly sources herds like basil which gives you a burst of all the Italian flavors and topped with the health you require by the prolicious high protein pasta. 


Prep Time
20 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 35 mins
Servings 2
Cuisine Italian
Course Snacks
Diet Vegan, Vegetarian
Difficulty Easy



For Pasta
  • Prolicious 2X Protein Penne / Macaroni Pasta ½ cup or 100 grams

  • Cherry Tomatoes ¼ cup or 50 grams 

  • Zucchini 1 ½ tbsp or 30 grams 

  • Boiled sweet corn 1 ½ tbsp or 30 grams 

  • Broccoli 1 tbsp or 15 grams  

  • Mixed Bell peppers 1 tbsp or 15 grams (Optional) 

For Pesto Sauce
  • Basil leaves 1 cup or 200 grams 

  • Spinach ½ cup or 100 grams 

  • Peanuts 1 ½ tbsp 30 grams 

  • Cashew-nuts 1 ½ tbsp 30 grams 

  • Garlic 7-8 flakes or 10 grams  

  • Olive oil 2 tsp or 10 grams 

  • Black pepper powder 1 tsp or 5 grams  

  • Italian mixed herbs (oregano/ chill flakes) 2 tsp or 10 grams 

  • Salt as per taste 



For Preparation of Pasta

  • Add the Prolicious Pasta and cook it for 12 mins till the al dente texture. 

  • Add some salt to 4 cups of water and bring it to boil.  

  • Depending on your taste preferences, you can even cook them till they are completely done  

  • Drain the Prolicious pasta, toss it with a little olive oil (so that it doesn’t stick together) and let it cool to room temp 

For Preparation of Sauce

  • In hot water, blanch the spinach for about 30 seconds, take out and pour cold water so it retains the fresh green color.  

  • Remove the broccoli from the hot water, transfer them into cold water. Keep aside for 30 secs. 

  • In a blender, add the blanched spinach, basil leaves, cashews, peanuts, garlic flakes, black pepper, mixed herbs, salt, and 1 tsp olive oil. Blend well until it forms a smooth paste.  

  • Add a cup of water to adjust the consistency. Give a final blend.  

  • Pesto sauce is ready  

For Combining of Pasta & Pesto Sauce

  • In a saucepan, add 1 tsp olive oil, boiled corn, broccoli, zucchini, mixed bell-peppers with some black pepper powder and mixed herbs. Stir well on medium flame. 

  • Add the pesto sauce and mix well. 

  • Add the cherry tomatoes and let them cook for about 30 seconds. 

  • Now add the pre boiled pasta. Mix well.  

  • Cover the saucepan with a lid. Cook for 2 mins.  

  • Garnish with cherry tomato and basil leaves. Be generous with the mixed herbs 

  • Serve hot. 

Tips, Tricks & Facts

  • Broccoli can be blanched quickly. Notice when the broccoli turns bright green from dull green. 

  • Salt, black pepper powder, mixed herbs are mentioned but need to be regulated as per individual taste.  

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Per serve
Energy (kcal) 310
Carbohydrates (g) 41.93
Protein (g) 20.00
Fat (g) 8.91
Fibre (g) 11.41


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