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Balancing Protein and Calories: Finding the Optimal Protein-Rich Foods for Weight Loss

Aug 16, 2023Prolicious | Protein & Delicious!

Aiming for weight loss? Muscle gain? Sedentary? Workout thrice a week?  

Regardless of the goal and current lifestyle, protein rich foods are key to better health. Proteins help build muscle. Muscle increases metabolic rate, improves bone health. High protein meals also have visible benefits like better skin, nails, hair, muscular definition, among others.  

If you’re uncertain on where to start the journey to a fitter you, let us guide you. Tips, tricks, hacks, from our team of expert nutritionists are shared here with sample diet chart with protein.  


Selecting The Right Protein Foods for Weight Loss-  


Weight loss on protein diet is the art of choosing lean protein sources. This means high protein foods that are low in calories with sufficient quantity of protein. The following are some plant-based and vegetarian high protein foods.  


high protein weight loss food

  • Yogurt
  • Paneer
  • Soy
  • Tempeh
  • Peanuts
  • Millets
  • Seeds
  • Supplements (protein powder) 


How Does Protein Help to Lose Weight? 


Protein keeps you full for longer. Pairing protein with carbohydrates slows down digestion. It gives you sustained energy. Cravings and hunger pangs are minimized.  

Moreover, sugar levels almost flatline. Without massive fluctuations, you do not feel the need to snack.  

blood glucose levels after more protein

Protein has the highest thermic effect of food among other food groups. Compared to carbohydrates and fats, the digestion of protein will burn more calories.  

Protein helps to build and repair muscle. More muscle means a faster metabolism. A faster metabolism means more calories burnt. More calories burnt means more weight lost! 

 Here are some tasty, high protein foods by Prolicious

more protein more weight lost


For an in-depth discussion on how high protein meals help with weight loss, check out these ways to up your protein intake.


How Much Protein Should You Eat to Lose Weight?


Whether you regularly practice a sport or spend a majority of your day at a desk, protein is essential. It is the molecule of life. Humans need a minimum of 20% protein in their daily diet. This requirement is crucial for the smooth functioning of our bodies. You must remember two key factors 

balancing calories and protein


For clear understanding, let’s take an example of two young females, Pooja and Sakshi. 


protein requirement comparison


Both Sakshi and Pooja weigh the same. However, the daily protein requirements are different. Pooja needs a minimum of 57 grams of protein every day. Even if she does little to no physical activity. This quantity of protein is crucial for overall wellness. Walking, focusing on work, memory, skin and hair- protein improves these functions.  

Since Pooja consumes non vegetarian foods, meeting this protein requirement is quite easy.  

On the other hand, Sakshi performs strength training and yoga. These activities add resistance to muscles and cause them to break down. More muscle breakage means more protein. Sakshi needs to consume anywhere between 60-90 grams of protein. As a vegetarian, the options for high protein foods are quite limited.  

The following is an example of how Sakshi can plan her meals.  


high protein weight loss meal plan


That diet chart with protein was for Sakshi. Read the guide below to learn how you can design your high protein weight loss diet.  

1 gram of protein has 4 Kcal, and you need at least 20% of protein from the total calories you consume.  


weight loss tips


In Conclusion:


To summarize, your weight loss journey and diet should not be over restrictive. This impacts the sustainability. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines to lose weight while enjoying high protein foods. 

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