Ultimate Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan | Prolicious

Jan 25, 2023Imtiaz Hami

Water intake: 2-3 liters/day

Suggested Oil: Olive oil for salad dressings, rice bran oil, mustard oil, sesame seed oil.

Meal Timing

Menu Important Tips

On waking up

1 glass of warm water.

2-3 Dates/ Figs + 5-6 Soaked.

Almonds / 2-3 Walnuts


Other nuts & dry fruits like Hazelnut, pistachios, Berries etc.


8:00- 9:00am

2 Prolicious Oats Chilla with Mint Chutney


2 Utappam with Chutney & Sambhar


2 Scrambled eggs with 2 multigrain bread slices


1 Bowl of Oats porridge (Skim milk) with 1 boiled egg

(Chia seeds can also be added in the porridges)


1 plate poha / upma (add peanuts, green peas & other vegetables, Flaxseeds or sesame seeds)

Do not Skip breakfast as it can cause low energy levels rest of the day.


11:00- 11:30am

 1 Fruit + 1tbsp seeds (Flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.) Opt for seasonal fruit.



 2 Prolicious Khakhras with 1 cup sabzi & Salad


1 bowl Dal khichadi with curd


2 small Rotis + 1 cup chicken/fish curry + Salad




Evening Snacks


 3 Prolicious Gluten free thins with 1 cup curd Or Hummus


1 bowl of Makhana & Sprouts bhel

(Seeds like pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, etc. can be added)


Flaxseeds can be added to the bhel to up the omega 3 content.


7:30- 8:00pm

 1 bowl of Prolicious pasta with vegetables


1 Jowar/Bajra Roti + 1 cup dal+ 1 cup sabzi


1 Jowar/Bajra roti + 1 cup Chicken/Fish gravy or curry+ Salad


1 cup vegetable/ chicken soup + 1 bowl of Soychunks pulao


Avoid late dinner. Have your dinner 3 hours before bedtime.



1 glass turmeric & nutmeg Skim milk/ Soya milk  


Guidelines to follow

  • Small frequent meals with a gap of 2-3hr should be consumed.

  • Avoid Skipping meals. Emphasis on timely meals to avoid gastric disturbances.

  • Drink 2-3 liters (8-12 glasses) of water daily. Monitor your water intake to avoid dehydration

  • Oil & fat intake should be around ½ liter per month

  • Oilseeds provide good fats, high fiber, and protein. Therefore, it can be added to your salads, porridges or simply roasted and munched on.

  • Use small size plates/bowls for serving

  • Use a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon when eating desserts.

  • Ensure to have 6-7 hrs. of sound sleep.

  • Every morning do meditation for 15 minutes.

  • Exercise regularly atleast 3-4times a week. Daily for about 45-60min of moderate intensity physical activity.

  • Brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, yoga, zumba, etc. can be included.

  • Weight training also plays an important role in weight management. Therefore, a combination of cardio & weight training is recommended.

Foods to restrict

  • Avoid foods made with refined sugars & carbohydrates such as biscuits, white bread, khari, toast, butter, cakes, pastry, pizzas, burgers etc.

  • Avoid deep fried products like kachori, bhajiyas, fried fish & meat, etc

  • Avoid salted products like papad, pickles, chutneys, chips, wafers etc.

  • Concentrated Fruit juices, syrups should be avoided.



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